F.I.T. Drop Out | Wedding Photographer | NYC

Carlos Valentino | New York CityCarlos Valentino | New York City Sky LineCarlos Valentino | The Bird - Will Ryman | New York City-03Carlos Valentino | Taxi | New York City-04Carlos Valentino | Times Square | New York CityCarlos Valentino | Times Square | New York City-06Carlos Valentino | Times Square | New York City-07A potential client asked if I could tell her my story and her request inspired me to right the following. For as long as I could remember I've had big dreams of being a fashion photographer. As a young adult I enrolled in Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to study Window Design and Photography only to drop out when my son Kevin was born. I have a caring family and my Mom was heavily involved in my life back then and she convinced me that I couldn't make a living as a photographer, so I put away my Nikon F3 and I dropped out of F.I.T. and enrolled in a local community college to pursue a BS degree in Information Technology. In 2006, I, like thousands of other Americans, found myself laid off and in financial crisis. Those days were really hard on my family and the fear of losing my home was very real. The house bubbled when bust, the economy tanked and I saw friends lose their jobs, their business, some their homes and others even lost their marriages. Sunny and I made a pact that we could lose everything, but we would not lose our marriage. In between looking for work, I returned to photography and gambled on a new Nikon D70 and spent my free time reading everything I could find related to photography and on the weekends I assisted wedding photographers for free just for the experience. Learning how to run a business is hard and at one point I was going to quit, but I had the good fortune of reconnecting with a photographer who became my mentor and friend. Today I'm a wedding photographer and I'm loving every minute. I have Brides that like my work, my wife keeps me grounded and my friend Mark keeps me focused and growing with his no nonsense critique which I am ever so grateful for.

PS – Shout out to Richie, Kevin, Joey & Ray for hanging out with me this year in NYC.

PSS – I’m photographing Rosio and Aaron this weekend and the forecast is 106. Their hot but..YIKES!!!!

PSSS – Thank you Sue Bryce for your inspiration.

PSSSS –:)Want to know more about The Bird

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