Vizcaya Wedding | Engagement | Nallely & Higinio

I met Higinio over a year ago. He was the best man at Daniel and Alyssa’s wedding. A few months after, I bumped into Higinio again at a local restaurant and he told me that he was engaged and wanted to meet for a consultation. At the meeting I was taken by surprise when he said that he noticed how much I ran around at Daniel and Alyssa’s wedding and he was impressed by the finished product and he liked that I am fluent in Spanish which is something that they were looking for in a photographer. I am honored to say that I will be photographing their wedding later this year. Nallely and Higinio’s engagement session happen to fall on 2nd Saturday and they had a blast dancing in the street to a local band while I photographed them. I asked Nallely if she could tell me their story and here it is in her own words.

“I still remember the first time I saw Higinio. It was at a gas station, even though I knew nothing about him there was something about him that made me go around the parking lot twice. After that day I saw him again at a school party, and coincidently we had a friend in common. That day we talked and this helped us to break the ice a little. In a different occasion we saw each other and we discovered we shared a passion for dancing specially to bachata. Some months after we saw each other again, I was going through a difficult time; I was finishing up school and was going to start looking for a job. I did not know what direction to take in my life, I felt lost and nothing seem to help me figure out what to do with my life. Higinio came along to save me, to show how beautiful life can be when you have someone next to you that will love, support and protect you at all times. Higinio and I complement each other, he is everything I’m not. He is ambitious, considerate, decisive, determined, dynamic, hard-working, honest and a little messy. J Sac State marked my life; this institution not only gave a career but also gave me the opportunity to meet my other half.”

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